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40,000 professionals have experienced the power of Creating a Mindset for Change 

Pioneering Change Across Roles and Industries in 126 Countries


Our enterprise version of Creating a Mindset for Change 
plus two additional programs will drive enterprise adoption

Dive into Our Trio of Transformation Programs

Why Us?

Critical Outcomes

Accelerate adoption 

Accelerate adoption

Throughout your organization: Facilitate the seamless integration of new initiatives, ensuring widespread acceptance and measurable outcomes.

Cultivate a culture of innovation:

Cultivate a culture of innovation

Foster an environment that encourages creativity, risk-taking, and collaboration. 

Create message alignment:

Ensure consistent messaging and alignment across your enterprise, reinforcing shared goals and values.

Create Message alignment

Efficiently implement your organizational initiatives, maximizing reach and adoption.

Streamline deployment across your enterprise:

Streamline Depolyment of a program across your enterprise

Generate buy-in from
leadership and employees: 

Secure commitment and support from your team and employees, creating a unified and motivated workforce.

Generate Buy-in from leadership

Here is how we do it.

Programs can be implemented individually or as a comprehensive, integrated package.

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Our technology platform provides a superior user experience that includes:

  • Microlearnings

  • Self Reflection questions

  • Accountabilities

  • Action steps 

  • Toolkit

Employees can apply their knowledge immediately.

GWT Next's virtual organizational transformation journey begins with the first program:

Creating a Mindset for Change, where we recommend starting with leaders, followed by employees. In this phase, the organization aims to embrace change and develop a future-ready mindset, setting the stage for ongoing transformation.

Creating a Mindset for Change

Thriving Together: Enhancing Team Well-Being, a program designed exclusively for leaders. This program focuses on cultivating a supportive, cohesive work environment that nurtures well-being, ensuring their teams are healthy and productive.

Thriving Together: Enhancing Team Well-Being

Innovation in Motion,  Getting Ahead, recommend for both leaders and employees where the organization embraces new ideas and learn a new thinking process to be applied to any challenge. 

Innovation in Motion, Getting Ahead

Our Results

Used by EY for their badge certification program

Tata Consultancy Services uses the program to equip their
employees to build their own capacity to change and adopt

Embraced by Cognizant for transforming their workforce

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