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Creating a Mindset for Change

Shift the way you think, change the way you act.

There’s no question about it: the marketplace and workforce are more dynamic than ever and continue to evolve. As expected, there’s some anxiety associated with this shift and uncertainty.  And it doesn’t help that people focus on what they try to avoid. Yet, this focus on avoidance and fear can derail transformation efforts.  

That’s why we created an entire process tailored to this concept.

Think Differently

Using the tools in Creating Mindset for Change, you can create a positive mindset in your workforce. The process moves individuals from being unconscious and reactionary to being intentional. It starts with the individual and drives change at a psychological level.

Creating a Mindset for Change will go through the process of gradually shifting our minds to make room for change.

So how do we do this?

Like a coach, the program guides you to think by asking self-reflection questions. The program comprises a series of microlearning stories that challenge you to reflect on the lessons and how they apply to your work or life. These microlearnings take the form of bite-sized videos designed to refocus awareness on positive outcomes. You can immediately take that learning to your job.

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But regardless of what we offer, remember that it starts with you, the employee. The change is personal. It is a coaching process meant to connect the lessons learned on the job by the employee. Instead of a program that tells you how to act, our technique uses stories to illustrate a point and connect that point to the your own experiences.

What Are You Focusing On?

Learn what causes unconscious focus and what influences it, and understand the difference between what you can and cannot control. Simple shifts like these plant the seeds of transformation and innovation.

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Your Guide

    Developed by Laura Goodrich  

Expert in Transformation and the Future of Work

Recognized by Thinkers 360 as a Top 20 Thought Leader on the Future of Work, Risk Management, Change, Technology, and Culture

Nominee for America’s Best Business Coaches in the industry by America’s Best Business Coaches magazine. 

90-day program

The virtual program is a space learning model where users engage in weekly microlearnings and conduct accountabilities over 90 days. Users engage in the program and have access to the microlearning stories to study, review and share with their team and accountabilities get tracked on a technology platform. The program comes with a toolkit that includes an assessment and tools to guide your learning.

Users access content on our elegant platform.

The Problem With Fear

Discover why we focus on fear and the outcomes we don’t want. Changing your focus requires conscious effort.

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CTOs looking for enterprise outcomes

Learning Objectives

  • Shows you how fear-based thinking is getting in the way of change

  • Teaches you how to rewire your brain toward positive outcomes

  • Learn how to turn fear into a focus that moves you and others in a positive direction

  • Enables you to create thoughts, actions, and behaviors that align with future goals

  • Learn who will help you and who will not

  • Learn why it's critically important for people in positions of influence to personally develop a positive mindset


How long is the program?
You have access to the 12 microlearnings, accountabilities and a toolkit for this program for 90-days. 

How will I change my mindset with this program?
You will be introduced to a series of video microlearnings as a spaced learning model – the recommendation is to view one microlearning a week – and over this period of time, you will move from unconsciously focusing on what you are trying to avoid to an intentional focus on what you want.

How is this learning program different from other online programs? 

This program stands out from other virtual programs through its unique approach. Built on a coaching philosophy, our microlearnings refrain from dictating actions. Instead, we prioritize asking participants for their thoughts and how they apply them to their daily work and life. Experience a transformative learning journey that fosters self-discovery.

How are these microlearning videos different from other videos?
Through powerful filmmaking and storytelling techniques, they deliver bite-sized content that maximizes emotional impact and enhances retention. By connecting the points illustrated in the stories to the leader's own experiences, our microlearnings foster deep engagement and relatability. Experience the power of storytelling in an impactful learning journey.

What do I get with the program?

You get access to a user-friendly portal, 12 impactful microlearnings, and a practical toolkit. This spaced learning model presents weekly microlearning video stories and accountabilities outlined in the toolkit that ensure a structured and effective learning experience.

I am a leader – how will this program help me?
This program will give you the skills to connect with your team and inform who will help you with this transformation mindset process and who will not. As a leader, you will gain insight into the dynamics of an organization under duress and transformation.

Outcomes of Creating a Mindset for Change
Do you want a live coaching component?
Praise from a Consultant

I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to go through the program with Laura Goodrich and the excellent GWT Next team. The program is extremely relevant during these times.


It builds on psychological research and leverages coaching techniques to take leaders on a journey and equip them with the tools to feel more confident managing teams and dealing with their own challenges in more innovative ways. I really enjoyed being able to take a step back in these turbulent times and reflect, with the right amount of guidance and coaching to achieve a more effective thinking and collaboration process.

                                                Sandra Costéja Bos, Senior HR Transformation Consultant (Professional Services)

Sandra Costéja Bos
Case study


Mara decided to utilize GWT Next's process. It was centered around driving change at a psychological level for management and employees alike. It was perfectly designed for her situation.

So what good was coming from this? The program, in a sense, woke them up and allowed them to think about their positional duties in an entirely new way.
They noted a 63% improvement in the skills they identified from the commencement of the program.

"The feedback is fantastic. People are really embracing it."

- Mara
Change Champion for a multinational company


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