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Our Virtual Solution for Workforce Transformation 

features a dynamic trio of programs.
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Creating a Mindset
for Change

(Leaders and Employees)


Thriving Together: 
Enhancing Team Well-Being 


(Leaders and Employees)

Innovation in

Getting Ahead 

These programs

promise to help you drive adoption across the enterprise in 6 months, 

enabling opportunities while mitigating risk.

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Leaders and team members engage in weekly microlearning stories. Our microlearnings are rooted in a coaching philosophy. Rather than dictating actions, we encourage you to reflect, consider your thoughts, and apply the lessons to your work and everyday life immediately.

Program 1

Creating a Mindset for Change creates a future-ready mindset in your workforce. The process moves individuals from being unconscious and reactionary to being intentional. It starts with the individual and drives change at a psychological level. The program helps people focus on what they want and not what they try to avoid, turning fear and avoidance into better team dynamics and outcomes.

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Program 2

Thriving Together: Enhancing Team Well-Being is a program to boost your team's well-being. It cultivates a culture where individuals can express themselves, build trust, and foster stronger team connections. This program delivers valuable insights and practical strategies to create a thriving work environment that encourages well-being, resilience, and a readiness to embrace new challenges and opportunities for each team member.

Program 3

Innovation in Motion, Getting Ahead boosts the power of leaders and teams through a process that fosters idea generation, challenges knee-jerk reactions, and leads to new ways and innovation. Employees learn a new thinking process that can be applied to any challenge fostering a culture of innovation.

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Critical Outcomes

Accelerate adoption 


Throughout your organization: Facilitate the seamless integration of new initiatives, ensuring widespread acceptance and measurable outcomes.

Cultivate a culture of innovation:


Foster an environment that encourages creativity, risk-taking, and collaboration. 

Create message alignment:

Ensure consistent messaging and alignment across your enterprise, reinforcing shared goals and values.


Efficiently implement your organizational initiatives, maximizing reach and adoption.

Streamline deployment across your enterprise:


Generate buy-in from
leadership and employees: 

Secure commitment and support from your team and employees, creating a unified and motivated workforce.

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Here is how we do it.

Programs can be implemented individually or as a comprehensive, integrated package.

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Our technology platform provides a superior user experience that includes:

  • Microlearnings

  • Self Reflection questions

  • Accountabilities

  • Action steps 

  • Toolkit

Employees can apply their knowledge immediately.

Here is how we do it

Programs can be implemented individually or as a comprehensive, integrated package.

Iphone alpha3.png

Our technology platform provides a superior user experience by offering a coaching process that includes:

  • Microlearning stories,

  • Self-reflection questions,

  • Accountability

  • Actions steps

  • Toolkit


The programs are spaced over time, because transformation is a process, not an event.

Your organization can complete the trip in six months.

The organizational transformation programs are designed to work seamlessly with one another, guiding your enterprise through a transformative journey.

The program can be easily scaled and deployed across the enterprise.

GWT Next's virtual organizational transformation journey begins with the first program:

Creating a Mindset for Change, where we recommend starting with leaders, followed by employees. In this phase, the organization aims to embrace change and develop a future-ready mindset, setting the stage for ongoing transformation.

Thriving Together: Enhancing Team Well-Being, a program designed exclusively for leaders. This program focuses on cultivating a supportive, cohesive work environment that nurtures well-being, ensuring their teams are healthy and productive.

Innovation in Motion,  Getting Ahead, recommend for both leaders and employees where the organization embraces new ideas and learn a new thinking process to be applied to any challenge. 

Why choose

GWT Next's program?

Amplify your CTO-led change initiatives: Our programs extend the reach of your transformation efforts, to every level of the organization.

•Accelerate transformation adoption: GWT Next's programs boost adoption rates through a coaching experience.


•Expertly designed and curated content: Our meticulously produced programs support organizations undergoing significant transformations.


•Customizable and brandable content: You can easily tailor and brand each program to suit your organization's unique needs and identity.


•Cutting-edge digital platform: Our state-of-the-art platform empowers CTOs and their teams to manage enterprise-wide programs efficiently.

By licensing
GWT Next’s
organizational transformation programs,

You are setting the stage for your organization’s

brighter, more resilient, and innovative future.

Need an option with live coaching? 
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