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Transforming the Mindset of the Workforce

Shift the way you think, change the way you act.

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We boost adoption for workforce transformation initiatives

GWT NEXT offers highly interactive, flexible, and personalized learning experiences for businesses. Our award winning microlearning programs built on a coaching philosophy, where participants are asked for their thoughts and how they apply to their daily work and life. The programs are a spaced over time where participants experience enhanced retention and a transformative learning journey that fosters self-discovery. 

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Home: Project
Transformation Initiative

Teams across the globe are working in new, uncertain environments. Adoption of your transformation initiative deserves an enterprise solution. 

Laura Goodrich and Greg Stiever
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Laura Goodrich, Expert on Transformation and the Future of Work


Thought Leader & Co-Founder

Laura is an expert in Transformation and the Future of Work. Recognized by Thinkers 360 as a Top 20 Thought Leader on the Future of Work, Risk Management, Change, Technology, and Culture. Nominee for America’s Best Business Coaches in the industry by America’s Best Business Coaches magazine.  Read more about Laura here .

Greg Stiever


Filmmaker & Co-Founder

Greg is a renowned filmmaker and producer who worked with Laura to create GWT Next. He has a long story. You can read about that here.


Praise we've received

Don Tapscott

“As the marketplace’s creative destruction grows ever more creative and destructive, it’s essential to keep your wits about you and direct your personal and professional energies where they are most effective. Goodrich gives you the tools and guidance to do just that.”

Don Tapscott | coauthor of Wikinomics and Macrowikinomics; Chairman, nGenera Insight; and Adjunct Professor of Management, University of Toronto
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