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What our customers have said about Laura Goodrich and her work with GWT Next

  • Laura is a very dynamic speaker who captures her audience and holds them in the palm of her hand until her presentation is over! She delivers a high- impact presentation with outstanding, thought-provoking content that will engage and challenge her audience to question the way they are currently doing business. I have attended many Leadership conferences, and Laura belongs in the company of Tom Peters, Patrick Lencioni, and Marshall Goldsmith. Kristy Roberts, Senior Executive, Medtronic, Inc


  • Your talk was amazing. I have never really seen you ‘live’ like that and I must say – you blew my mind.  So powerful, so relevant. What you say and how you say it crosses corporate boundaries and applies so critically to everyday life.  Everyone in the world needs to hear your talk! One of my ‘I wants’: I want to bring the Spirit of Laura Goodrich into my work. Congratulations on a life-changing presentation. Vikas Narula, Keyhubs  


  • Laura has keen insight and is able to quickly see the big picture and understand our business and workplace dynamics. Her International client base, which includes executives from Europe, Asia, South America and North America, provides insight into the global marketplace as well. Her passion to have a powerful impact is obvious and her skill at helping executives turn challenging workplace dynamics and relationships in a positive direction is invaluable. Lisa Jansa, CEO, Exsulin Corporation


  • I had the pleasure of hearing Laura speak about “Seeing Red Cars” at our MPI Denmark seminar “Creating a Mindset for Change & Innovation”. Laura is truly inspiring and her information is highly relevant, timely and interesting and caused our audiences to look at things in a different way. I would recommend Laura at any time to give inputs how to focus more whether it’s work or personally related! Helle Merethe Svaneborg, Promotion Manager, Denmark & Finland Atout France


  • It was very interesting to Laura Goodrich speaking about Workforce Transformation and Seeing Red Cars at the MPI meeting in Copenhagen. It was easy to understand your views and your good advice both to companies but most important for the individual. The stories about people you know made the subject even more relevant. Anne Mette Berg, General Manager, Danish Business Travel Association (DBTA)


  • She is very inspiring has such fantastic energy, she has very good points..look for the Red Car it is a very good spot to figure out what your focus is in your daily life. She has very good examples to see what can be in your life. My warmest recommendation for Laura. I always enjoy a touch of the US energy. The idea of getting through to people. Corrina Hegshaw


  • Laura’s keynote was very inspiring. I especially liked her Embracing Change video. It is something that we all relate to. The best message in Laura’s speech is getting to a positive outcome for you. Michael Meinhardt


  • Laura’s keynote was amazing and very inspiring. The focus on change is so very important. Laura, you have made a difference within me. It was only a short time ago that I heard you speak. I am not quite able to articulate the transformation within me. It touched me in a way that is hard to explain at this point. Of this I am sure, it will bring good to me, and I am very, very thankful for the inspiration. I am especially thankful for the conversation after your keynote. Your story touched me and I know my story touched you. You are an opened hearted person, and it was just fantastic and amazing, and I thank you from my heart. Lene Schmidt, Sales Consultant at Sinatur Konferencehoteller

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