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but how do you reach the enterprise?

Your job is to lead the transformation of your organization, 

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We understand your challenge.
Chief Transformation Officer

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TRansformation business meeting
As a skilled leader, you are equipped to lead transformation. But how to engage all employees, especially in larger organizations

The bigger your organization, the more complex this task becomes.

Our Workforce Transformation solution

features a dynamic trio of virtual programs.
Creating a Mindset for Change

Creating a Mindset
for Change

(Leaders and Employees)


Thriving Together: 
Enhancing Team Well-Being 

Thriving Together, GWTNexr program
Innovation in Motion

(Leaders and Employees)

Innovation in

Getting Ahead 

Critical Outcomes:

Accelerate adoption 

Accelarate Adoption

Throughout your organization: Facilitate the seamless integration of new initiatives, ensuring widespread acceptance and measurable outcomes.

Cultivate a culture of innovation:

Cultivate a Culture of Innovation

Foster an environment that encourages creativity, risk-taking, and collaboration. 

Create message alignment:

Ensure consistent messaging and alignment across your enterprise, reinforcing shared goals and values.

Create Message alignment

Efficiently implement your organizational initiatives, maximizing reach and adoption.

Streamline deployment across your enterprise:

Streamline Deployment

Generate buy-in from
leadership and employees: 

Secure commitment and support from your team and employees, creating a unified and motivated workforce.

Generate Buy-in from leadership
Transformation discussion

Why choose

GWT Next's program?

Amplify your CTO-led change initiatives: Our programs extend the reach of your transformation efforts, to every level of the organization.

•Accelerate transformation adoption: GWT Next's programs boost adoption rates through a coaching experience.


•Expertly designed and curated content: Our meticulously produced programs support organizations undergoing significant transformations.


•Customizable and brandable content: You can easily tailor and brand each program to suit your organization's unique needs and identity.


•Cutting-edge digital platform: Our state-of-the-art platform empowers CTOs and their teams to manage enterprise-wide programs efficiently.

Here is how we do it

Programs can be implemented individually or as a comprehensive, integrated package.

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Technology Platform

Our technology platform provides a superior user experience by offering a virtual coaching process that includes:

  • Microlearning stories,

  • Self-reflection questions,

  • Accountability

  • Actions steps

  • Toolkit

6 month completion

The programs are spaced over time, because transformation is a process, not an event.

Your organization can complete the trip in six months.

Our organizational transformation programs are designed to work seamlessly with one another, guiding your enterprise through a transformative journey.

The program can be easily scaled and deployed across the enterprise.

Program 1

Creating a Mindset for Change creates a future-ready mindset in your workforce. The process moves individuals from being unconscious and reactionary to being intentional. It starts with the individual and drives change at a psychological level. The program helps people focus on what they want and not what they try to avoid, turning fear and avoidance into better team dynamics and outcomes.

Thriving Togther

Program 3

Innovation in Motion, Getting Ahead boosts the power of leaders and teams through a process that fosters idea generation, challenges knee-jerk reactions, and leads to new ways and innovation. Employees learn a new thinking process that can be applied to any challenge fostering a culture of innovation.

Creating a Mindset for Change

Program 2

Thriving Together: Enhancing Team Well-Being is a program to boost your team's well-being. It cultivates a culture where individuals can express themselves, build trust, and foster stronger team connections. This program delivers valuable insights and practical strategies to create a thriving work environment that encourages well-being, resilience, and a readiness to embrace new challenges and opportunities for each team member.


These programs

promise to help you drive adoption across the enterprise in 6 months, 

enabling opportunities while mitigating risk.

By investing in GWT Next’s
organizational transformation programs,

you are setting the stage for your organization’s

adoption, resilience and innovative future.

Do you want a live coaching component?

Praise from a Consultant

I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to go through the microlearing process with Laura Goodrich and the excellent GWT Next team. The program is extremely relevant at a time when companies reflect on how to embed remote working into sustainable practices.


It builds on psychological research and leverages coaching techniques to take leaders and employees on a journey and equip them with the tools to feel more confident managing remote teams and dealing with their own challenges in more innovative ways. I really enjoyed being able to take a step back in these turbulent times and reflect, with the right amount of guidance and coaching to achieve a more effective thinking and collaboration process.

                                                Sandra Costéja Bos, Senior HR Transformation Consultant (Professional Services)

Sandra Costeja Bos.jpeg


Mara decided to utilize GWT Next's process. It was centered around driving change at a psychological level for management and employees alike. It was perfectly designed for her situation.

So what good was coming from this? The program, in a sense, woke them up and allowed them to think about their positional duties in an entirely new way.
They noted a 63% improvement in the skills they identified from the commencement of the program.

"The feedback is fantastic. People are really embracing it."

- Mara
Change Champion for a multinational company


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