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Innovation in Motion, Getting Ahead

Overcome knee-jerk reactions

When we’re stuck, we often think that things will change if we do more of the same. But how do you get unstuck? We need to look at what else is possible and create ways of doing things differently.

Innovation in Motion, Getting Ahead

Innovation in

Getting Ahead 

 A program that gives you a thinking process for challenges 

Idea Generation

Innovation in Motion empowers leaders and teams, fostering idea generation that challenges knee-jerk reactions and sparks innovation. We transform leaders and employees into effective thinkers, enabling them to reflect on their thought processes and drive innovative ideas.

So how do we do this?

This program offers engaging microlearning stories that encourage self reflection, relating lessons to your professional and personal life. Acting like a coach, the program fosters critical thinking; by applying this knowledge directly to your profession and collaborating with your team. You can immediately take that learning to your job.

Need more information?

Male CTO suggesting steps to transformation

Our program equips leaders, employees, and teams with a structured thinking process to tackle challenges head-on.

Completing the program in just 10 days to 2 weeks, you'll engage with microlearning stories, take action steps, and employ the thinking process to enhance your problem-solving abilities. Embrace new perspectives and overcome obstacles with ease.
The Moment

We believe that every great idea begins in the moment. All “moments” are characterized by the space between the stimulus and the response. It is in this space that we believe great things happen: an opportunity to create.

In the moment, we often fall back on what we know—tired and outdated solutions—forming a stubborn habit that's difficult to break. This repetitive behavior leads to frustration and causes us to miss out on valuable opportunities. Just imagine the untapped possibilities awaiting those who break free from inefficient approaches.

Laura Goodrich, Expert in Transformation

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Your Guide

    Developed by Laura Goodrich  

Expert in Transformation and the Future of Work

Recognized by Thinkers 360 as a Top 20 Thought Leader on the Future of Work, Risk Management, Change, Technology, and Culture

Nominee for America’s Best Business Coaches in the industry by America’s Best Business Coaches magazine. 

Action steps to transformation

Each microlearning story is accompanied by self-reflection questions and action steps, enabling you to apply the learnings to your work and life. Taking these action steps is crucial for fostering idea generation. To achieve success, it's essential to download the toolkit and utilize it as a template when confronted with challenges. Our designed Thinking Process provides a valuable starting point to overcome obstacles.

CTO with enterprise transformation program

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to challenge knee jerk reactions and legacy thinking. 

  • Learn the power of challenging the status quo by asking a question.

  • Learn about the Drivers of Innovation

  • Explore the inside influences at your work 

  • Learn about the three R’s to find new solutions to old programs.  

  • Learn how to pull it altogether and use a thinking process for driving agility and innovation in your work.  


How long is the program?

You have access to the 10 video microlearnings and a series of action steps users conduct over ten days to two weeks.

How will I change my mindset with this program?
Experience a series of transformative microlearning stories in our spaced learning model. Each day, immerse yourself in a single microlearning story, reinvigorating your ability to approach challenges with fresh and productive perspectives.

How is this learning program different from other online programs? 

Our microlearnings are rooted in a coaching philosophy. Rather than dictating actions, we encourage you to reflect, consider your thoughts, and apply the lessons to your work and everyday life. Embrace the power of self-discovery and practical application.

How are these microlearning videos different from other videos?

Our microlearnings are bite-sized videos that use powerful filmmaking and storytelling methods to create a program that maximizes emotional impact and information retention. Our microlearnings uses stories to illustrate a point and connect that point to the audience’s own experiences.

What do I get with the program?

You get access to 10 microlearnings stories delivered over 10 days to two weeks. You get a toolkit with action steps to conduct and a  thinking process to effectively tackle work challenges. Empower yourself with practical tools for innovative solutions and success.

I am a leader – how will this program help me?

This program empowers you with a forward-thinking process, transforming leaders and team members into effective thinkers. By engaging in self reflection on your challenges and leveraging the power of the thinking process, you'll enable your teams to drive meaningful change and innovation. This positions everyone for success.

CTO Meeting

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Praise from a Consultant

I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to go through the program with Laura Goodrich and the excellent GWT Next team. The program is extremely relevant during these times.


It builds on psychological research and leverages executive coaching techniques to take leaders on a journey and equip them with the tools to feel more confident managing teams and dealing with their own challenges in more innovative ways. I really enjoyed being able to take a step back in these turbulent times and reflect, with the right amount of guidance and coaching to achieve a more effective thinking and collaboration process.

                                                Sandra Costéja Bos, Senior HR Transformation Consultant (Professional Services)

Sandra Costeja Bos
GWT Next virtual platform


Mara decided to utilize GWT Next's process. It was centered around driving change at a psychological level for management and employees alike. It was perfectly designed for her situation.

So what good was coming from this? The program, in a sense, woke them up and allowed them to think about their positional duties in an entirely new way.
They noted a 63% improvement in the skills they identified from the commencement of the program.

"The feedback is fantastic. People are really embracing it."

- Mara
Change Champion for a multinational company


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