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Understanding How to Address Organizational Change

The previous year started with a bang and 2023 has already followed suit.

In Fall 2022, our very own Laura Goodrich was recognized as a Nominee for America’s Best Business Coaches in the industry by America’s Best Business Coaches magazine.

This did not happen by accident.

For 25 years she has dedicated her career to researching technology and emerging trends. From the knowledge gained in those realms, she has advised leaders across the globe on how to prepare their leaders and employees for change and innovation. She has also preached the adoption of technology with programs that target on mindset, agility, and next-generation leadership.

But what was the philosophy behind all these efforts? Clearly, anyone labeled a “thought leader” should have a clear and definite ideology, right?

Start with one. Not only one, but start near the top of the hierarchy (i.e. leadership) and allow their influence to shift the collective culture of an organization. It is in this method that she discovered how to reliably incite change (a finicky concept, to say the least).

This is the backbone of what Goodrich teaches and is the mission of GWT Next. Change is big, scary, complicated, and it's not easy. But after years of trying to solve this problem, we have a better understanding of how to approach it. The best way to create change is to start with leaders and give them the confidence and momentum needed. This makes it easier to then pass on our programs to individual team members, who are roused by the commitment and support of their department leaders. Accountability and change awareness measures are then put in place to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Of course, this is not happening in one team at a time. Rather, this process is occurring with many teams at one time until the collective culture is affected.

Adopting to New Tech

One day Laura received a call from a consulting firm working with the chief innovation officer from a high-status organization.

This particular organization had a long history of success with their line of business and, as a result, they remained tethered to the mindset that brought them that success.

The trouble was that this mindset would not lead them into a positive future for much longer, and this innovation officer knew it.

The organization was ready to invest in a transformational technology that would require a major change in mindset and prompt the employees to learn entirely new skills.

He told the senior leadership that if administrators and employees didn't engage with a mindset program soon, the impact of this transformational tech would only reach 20% effectiveness. He realized that the company had grown to be dismissive of new technologies and was extraordinarily slow to pursue innovation. They needed help, because, without it, this new tech would not allow them to grow or set the stage for future innovation.

However, they had no idea where to start. So they partnered with Goodrich and GWT Next to tackle the concept of mindset and design new methods to help their clients.

Goodrich worked with the firm to create a strategy that included change management, team communications, coaching, and a mindset microlearning program targeted at senior leaders and their employees. They intentionally designed the process so that accountability and transparency were built into the process.

Back to the Beginning

So where does this leave you, the reader?

Sure, we'll admit that we're proud of the awards and these stories, but they’re only there to show that we’re serious about what we provide.

Don’t forget: We're only interested in how we can help you.

Perhaps the organizations that you serve are stuck and are clunking along on stagnant operation practices. It may seem large and looming but remember: it all starts with one.

We want you and your team to evolve into a state of change and get to that next level.

Come check out our website here to see what we can offer you. Interested in talking to us directly? We'd love to. You can do that here.

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