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Shift the way they think, change the way they act.

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We focus on the individual employee, offering highly interactive and scalable virtual programs that cater to the unique behavioral priorities of your transformation journey.

We accelerate your transformation initiative by unlocking the full potential of each employee. We achieve this by licensing self-contained, scalable virtual programs that drive measurable outcomes and bolster employee adoption. 

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Start our programs before your transformation implementation, before it is too late 

Transformation Initiative

35% of the value of your transformation initiative is lost at implementation, and another 20% is lost in phase two.

McKinsey 2021

Home: Project

"Companies with top-quartile financial performance capture 74 percent of their transformations' value within the first 12 months.”


Speed Matters

Our trio of transformation programs is crafted to expedite adoption of your organization's transformation journey, focusing on each employee. These programs can be implemented across your enterprise in just over six months, ensuring a swift transformation process

GWT Next's virtual organizational transformation journey begins with the first program:

Creating a Mindset for Change, where we recommend starting with leaders, followed by employees. In this phase, the organization aims to embrace change and develop a future-ready mindset, setting the stage for ongoing transformation.

Thriving Together: Enhancing Team Well-Being, a program designed exclusively for leaders. This program focuses on cultivating a supportive, cohesive work environment that nurtures well-being, ensuring their teams are healthy and productive.

Innovation in Motion,  Getting Ahead, recommend for both leaders and employees where the organization embraces new ideas and learn a new thinking process to be applied to any challenge. 

Our Happy Clients

EY, IBM, Cognizant and Tata Consultancy Services have all selected Creating a Mindset for Change to proactively prepare their leaders and employees for change and transformation. 
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