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Creating a Positive Mindset Series

Proven solutions for compliance, accounting, banking, healthcare.

There’s no question about it: the business sector is more dynamic than ever.

As expected, there’s some anxiety associated with this shift. Working professionals desire alignment between their policies and the departments they serve, but collaboration becomes difficult when perceptions don’t match.


And it doesn’t help that industry naturally focuses on what’s trying to be avoided (fines, fraud, risk, etc). Yet, this focus on avoidance and what we don’t want can damage team dynamics, personal energy, and the quality of the work experience.

Creating a Positive Banking Mindset

Creating a Positive Healthcare Mindset

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Creating a Positive Compliance Mindset

Creating a Positive Accounting Mindset

Ending the Endless Struggle

It’s an unfortunate reality that professionals find themselves stuck in a never-ending struggle between two groups: those who want to get things done fast and now, and those who see the value in taking time while keeping a close eye on regulation. Bringing these two groups together to partner and collaborate feels just about impossible at times.

Creating a Positive Mindset Series offers the tools you need to create a positive mindset and a collaborative work environment, giving you the ability to both stand out as a respected professional and form better relationships with surrounding departments.

Creating a Positive Mindset Series

Access to the online portal to track activities through a program of 19 microlearning


Using the tools in Creating a Positive Mindset Series, you can create a positive mindset in your workplace. Like a coach, the program guides you to think by asking self-reflection questions. The program comprises a series of microlearning stories that challenge you to reflect on the lessons and how they apply to your work or life. You can immediately take that learning to your job. 


You will stand out as a respected professional and form better relationships with surrounding departments.

Your Guide

Laura Goodrich

Expert in Transformation and the Future of Work

Recognized by Thinkers360 as a Top 20 Thought Leader on the Future of Work, Risk Management, Change, Technology, and Culture

Featured in the Top 10 Most Inspiring Businesswomen to Watch in 2020

Learn about our solutions for organizations through a discovery call with Laura

Learning Objectives

  • More effectively managing change and be highly resourceful with challenges

  • Improved relationships and communications

  • Improved personal and team energy

  • Better and more creative outcomes

  • A positive work dynamic 


How long is the program?
You have access to a series of 19 microlearnings and a toolkit that outlines a thinking process that you can use on the job to address challenges within your team. 

How will I change my mindset with this program?
You will be introduced to a series of video microlearnings as a spaced learning model – the recommendation is to view one microlearning a week – and over this period of time, you will move from unconsciously focusing on what you are trying to avoid to an intentional focus on what you want.

How is this learning program different from other online programs? 
he series of microlearning in this program are designed in the basis of the coaching philosophy. You will conduct self reflection questions that pertain to your work, so you can use the program’s learnings immediately on the job.

How are these microlearning videos different from other videos?Our microlearning are bite-sized videos that use powerful filmmaking and storytelling methods to create a program that maximizes emotional impact and information retention. Our microlearning uses stories to illustrate a point and connect that point to the audience’s own experiences. The audience is then asked how they can use that information to improve their own life or their work. This establishes a connection with the content on a deeper, more meaningful level.     


I am a leader – how will this program help me?
This program will give you the skills to connect with your team and inform you who will help you with this mindset transformation process and who will not. As a leader, you will gain insight into the dynamics of an organization under duress and transformation.


 Creating a Positive Compliance Mindset

 Creating a Positive Accounting Mindset

 Creating a Positive Healthcare Mindset

 Creating a Positive Banking Mindset

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