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Three programs that assist leaders to engage early talent

  • Building a Next-Generation Team

  • Creating a Next-Generation Culture

  • Becoming a Next-Generation Leader



Since Millennials are the largest generation in the workplace with Gen Z right behind them, today's leaders need to better understand how their attitudes will fit into the dynamics of work.


This series of programs will give leaders new skills and tools that will help them influence others at work. We’ll explore how leaders in the modern-day workforce can act to attract, retain, and inspire early talent, which is the foundation for teams that all generations are drawn to.

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Leading Early Talent: Next Generation Team and Leader

Building a Next-Generation Team

Becoming a Next-Generation Leader

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Leading Early Talent: Next Generation Culture
Laura Goodrich, Expert in Transformation

Your Guide

Laura Goodrich

Expert in Transformation and the Future of Work

Recognized by Thinkers360 as a Top 20 Thought Leader on the Future of Work, Risk Management, Change, Technology, and Culture

Featured in the Top 10 Most Inspiring Businesswomen to Watch in 2020

Resisting Change

Sometimes you have to experience pain to enact change. The symbiotic relationship between these two things is unmistakable and critical to understanding if you are to embrace change in the workplace.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about generational differences, needs, and expectations

  • Learn how to engage early talent…what do they want?

  • Establish a process for embracing change

  • Determine who is the best fit for your team

  • Learn how you can create a middle ground as a leader to collaborate with early talent

  • Establish a culture of respect on your team

  • Align your vision with team attributes

  • Determine who will help you embrace change

  • Learn how to determine your “I wants” for yourself and your team

Lead with Confidence

You want to be an effective leader, but it can be difficult to connect with some people, especially those from a different generation. Listen and become aware of what you want in all situations.


How long is the program?
With each program, you have access to the 14 microlearnings and a toolkit for 6 months. 

How will I change with this program?
You will be introduced to a series of video microlearnings as a spaced learning model – the recommendation is to view one microlearning a week – and over this period of time, you will embrace change, learn how to engage early talent, and understand generational differences.

How is this learning program different from other online programs? 
The microlearnings in this program are designed on the basis of a coaching philosophy. We not to tell people how to act and, instead, ask them what they think and urge them to use the lesson in their everyday work and life.

How are these microlearning videos different from other videos?
Our microlearnings are bite-sized videos that use powerful filmmaking and storytelling methods to create a program that maximizes emotional impact and information retention. Instead of a program that tells you how to act, our microlearnings uses stories to illustrate a point and connect that point to the audience’s own experiences.

What do I get with each program?
You have access to a series of 14 microlearnings and a toolkit.


I am a leader – how will this program help me?
These programs will give you the skills to connect with your team and inform you who will help you with this mindset transformation process and who will not. As a leader, you will gain insight into the dynamics of an organization under duress and transformation.


  • Building a Next-Generation Team

  • Creating a Next-Generation Culture

  • Becoming a Next-Generation Leader

Leading Early Talent
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