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Are adoption issues slowing down your consultancy's efforts?
CTOs gathering for a transformation enterprise solution
We understand your challenge.
Our Workforce Transformation Solution

A 90-day hybrid virtual coaching process

Two Offerings

Creating a Mindset 
         for Change

Creating a Mindset for Change

Creating a Mindset for Change creates a future-ready mindset in your workforce. The process moves individuals from being unconscious and reactionary to being intentional. It starts with the individual and drives change at a psychological level. The program helps people focus on what they want and not what they try to avoid, turning fear and avoidance into better team dynamics and outcomes.

Thriving Together, Enhancing Team Well-Being

Thriving Together: Enhancing Team Well-Being is a program to boost your team's well-being. It cultivates a culture where individuals can express themselves, build trust, and foster stronger team connections. This program delivers valuable insights and practical strategies to create a thriving work environment that encourages well-being, resilience, and a readiness to embrace new challenges and opportunities for each team member.

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Each offering consists of one-on-one coaching, cohort coaching, and a series of microlearnings that provide a pathway for the accountabilities the participants complete throughout the 90-day process.

Our programs can be deployed either by your coaches or our coaching team."

Interactive platform

Leaders access content on our elegant platform.

The virtual program is a space learning model where users engage in weekly microlearnings and conduct accountabilities over 90 days. Leaders also have monthly one-on-one coaching sessions and twice-monthly cohort coaching sessions. The program has a toolkit that includes an assessment and accountabilities, all tracked on a technology platform. 

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Our Process

Want another option, don't need a coaching solution. 

How about a total virtual solution? 

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