Our films shine a light on what is getting in the way of positive outcomes through storytelling and real-life examples.


Seeing Red Cars (Training)

Dynamic change in business is exacerbating the natural tendency to focus on what we fear. This unconscious reaction is literally paralyzing people from being change adaptive. Seeing Red Cars (SRC) is a full-length program that encourages audiences to focus on what they DO want instead of focusing on what they don’t. By focusing on positive outcomes and taking action, viewers will be motivated to move in the right direction for themselves and for their organizations. This unique and engaging program helps audiences combat negativity, become more change adaptive and create a positive environment.

Learn more about Seeing Red Cars here.


Shifting Years (Training)

Shifting Years discusses how multiple generations working together can be leveraged as a source of great potential – instead of a cause for tension. By finding a common ground, respecting differences, and letting go of assumptions, great things can happen! Shifting Years aims to generate discussions and open-mindedness between all age groups. This program reminds us that it’s how we choose to work together that determines our success.

Learn more about Shifting Years here.

Embracing Change (Training)

Embracing Change was created to stimulate conversation. Using “person-on-the-street” interviews, you will be introduced to a cast of characters that not only share how we should deal with change, but are required to put their thoughts into action. Fast-paced and funny, this four minute program is applicable for all levels of an organization, and will effectively set the stage for meaningful dialog.

Learn more about Embracing Change here.

On a High Note (Training)

On a High Note is an inspiring short program about the importance of knowing yourself, where you want to be, and having the commitment to get there. Join author Laura Goodrich as she explores three key concepts that will help us achieve our vision.

Learn more about On a High Note here.

Conversation Starters (Training)

Is it hard to get your team talking about change, generations, team outcomes? Get your team talking with the Conversation Starters. Each video addresses a different challenge we all face at work. Use them to kick off a meeting, training session or project. They can be used independently or as part of your ongoing Seeing Red Cars program to build a positive-outcomes mindset in your organization.

Learn more about the Conversation Starters here.

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