Creating a Mindset for Change

with Seeing Red Cars

Cinematic Micro-Learning Course

You experience the art of coaching and learning through bite sized video stories spaced over time, presented on an elegant technology platform.

A global CEO survey indicated that 90% of CEOs believe their organizations are not change adaptive. If this is critical for you, then it has never been more important to utilize Creating a Mindset for Change for any change initiative or project.

When it comes to change, most organizations focus on structures, processes, and systems. Few even recognize that without an individual and collective Mindset for Change and Innovation their best efforts will fail, especially now.

In the Creating a Mindset for Change Process, Laura will grab your attention and guide you through a series of mindtriggers on the Seeing Red Cars methodology. This experience is as close as to being personally coached by Laura Goodrich as you can get! Creating a Mindset for Change is a process that moves individuals from being unconscious and reactionary to being creative and intentional. This is the shift in mindset that is needed for people to focus on positive outcomes. So creating awareness and talking about it is an important first step in creating changing.

This is a cinematic micro-learning process where you experience the art of coaching through bite sized video stories spaced over time – giving you a thorough knowledge of the Seeing Red Cars methodology that you can implement immediately. Once you begin, you will have access to all of the materials online 24/7.

Why Seeing Red Cars?

Everyone is telling us to change, but no one is telling us how. Laura Goodrich will coach you step by step on how to change.

Full Access


Creating a Mindset for Change

Learning Objectives

  • Shows you how fear based thinking is getting in the way of change
  • Teaches you how to rewire your brain toward positive outcomes
  • Enables you to create thoughts, actions, and behaviors that align with the outcomes you want.
  • Provides the necessary tools you’ll need to act on your strategic priorities

Key Concepts

  • You get more of whatever you focus on
  • The cascading effect
  • Fear-based thinking
  • Managing moments
  • Embracing change
  • Know your assets
  • Having your high beams on
  • What do you want?
  • How to influence others

We have 2 Online Packages

  • The Complete Package
    (For Leaders)
  • Everything that you need to lead intentionally and engage your team to create a collective mindset for change
  • 33 Cinematic Micro-Learning mindtriggers/lessons
  • Digital Toolkit to chart the course and service as a dialogue tool for leaders
  • A guide on how to influence your team
  • A customized blueprint about how the learning can be implemented
  • The Personal Package
    (For Individuals)
  • If you want an online learning process for yourself, this is for you
  • 24 Cinematic Micro-Learning mindtriggers/lessons
  • Digital Toolkit to chart your course
  • Audio Files
  • A personal guide on how to influence your team
  • A customized blueprint about how the learning can be implemented

Our customers

“This is for innovative, forward thinking professionals”

Creating a Mindset for Change is used by:

  • Financial organizations
  • Safety and leadership training organizations
  • Utilities
  • Secondary and higher education institutions
  • HR and training
  • Manufacturing and engineering
  • Biomedical and Healthcare
  • Government and nonprofit
  • Consultants and accounting
  • Retail
  • Travel and hospitality
The Red Cars methodology has enabled me to stay outcome-focused and maintain a positive outlook on both personal and professional fronts since I was first introduced to it. Furthermore, it has expedited my decision-making process by enabling me to easily identify which opportunities, both personal and professional, align with my long-term outcomes and wants. Completing the process and toolkit is a worthwhile exercise for anyone looking for a disciplined way to achieve what they want both personally and professionally. I am a believer. Erin Swietlik (Senior Conference Director – Advancement Programs at Academic Impressions)

Demo Module


View a sample mindtrigger

To understand Creating a Mindset for Change, we created a demo. The demo highlights the Cinematic Micro-Learning and the bite-sized mindtriggers that create real behavior change. There are actionable steps that adjust your awareness to a positive focus and triggers that keep you on track.


Click here for the demo

Seeing Red Cars Elements


Total offerings

  • The Film Seeing Red Cars
  • The Book
  • The Toolkit (downloadable)
  • Seeing Red Cars Online Learning
  • Laura Goodrich Keynote Presentation
  • Half-day Seeing Red Cars Seminar (Agenda, Powerpoint, videos for trainer)
  • Laura Goodrich Video Library (over 35 videos, yearly membership)
  • Seeing Red Cars glasses, hats, T-shirts, flashdrives

Download a sample Toolkit

Laura Goodrich

Thank you for spending the time to find out about Red Cars and developing the mindset that will equip you to navigate the roads ahead. Innovative, forward thinking professionals recognize we’re not leaving on the road we came on. They know that we’re at a place of transformation and few industries will be exempt.

Red Cars is the comprehensive, straight-forward approach to positive change needed now. This process has helped hundreds of people and organizations create transformative change. The online coaching is designed to meet your needs. Let’s pave the trail to a positive future together.

— Laura Goodrich

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