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Mayo Heritage Days

In celebrating Heritage Days at the Mayo Clinic, our team was asked to adapt an original stage play to the screen. Equipped with actors, antique costumes and cars, we created “In the Words of Dr. Will”, a look back into history when Dr. Will Mayo originated the “patient always comes first” principle.

The Patient Comes First

The Hennepin County Medical Center’s patient and family care initiative needed stories to exemplify the behaviors they wanted to emulate. They reached out to our team to capture emotional patient stories to demonstrate what real family and patient care looks like. The series of videos were shared at the medical center’s rallies to launch the initiative.

Working for Our Customers

Xcel Energy wanted to do it differently when it came to distributing their annual report, so working with their in-house communications department, our team helped them adapt their yearly report into video stories. This story documents how Xcel helped their service area create an efficient delivery of gas and electricity.

Calling All Millennials

Our team collaborated with XYZ University to create an online learning process for associations to increase membership and engage the Millennials. To inform the end user, our team used actors to demonstrate concepts essential to the online learning. The nine modules take a look through the eyes of the younger generation to help provide a path to increased membership.

Waiting for the Cable Guy?

Have you ever waited for the cable guy and then complained? For years the cable guy received the brunt of the criticism from the customers for being late or missing an appointment. Our team was asked to direct an honest role playing scenario to help the Comcast cable technicians understand that help is on its way. This scenario conveys the “new way” for Comcast to up its customer service and help out their technicians.

Testimonials(Custom Video Production)

John Gaspard

John Gaspard | Creative Director, BI Worldwide

“Greg’s vast video experience means I can put him in any environment or situation and I know that he’ll come out of it with a video that exceeds my expectations. Plus he’s easy to work with!”

Gary Hendlin | Executive Producer, Hendlin

Having worked with Greg for over 15 years on a variety of video needs, his experience permits him to quickly evaluate a situation and understand the ‘wants’ of a client. Ultimately he turns this into a great product by creatively telling the story and delivering exceptional results as a member of the team.

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