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Play to your Strengths

Within seconds I could hear defeat of his voice.

It was a strong contrast to our conversation via Skype only a week or two prior. Before, he was energized; loud and clear with his intentions. But this time, my friend …

How to Build an Agile Workforce

Nowadays most of the companies realize talent management to be as important as other organizational functions to sustain and grow a business. But many of them still need to realize that they need talented flexible people with agile mindset and …

Fundamentals of Business Agility

Not so long ago, sustainable competitive advantage made a huge difference in the success of an organization. Big firms dominated purely on the availability of funds and a single core competency while small companies and startups struggled to sustain and …

Are You an Agile Leader?

“All failure is failure to adapt, all success is successful adaptation”, says Dr. Max McKeown, innovation strategy, leadership and culture expert.

The statement is meaningful in current times when an organization’s ability to fit into new environments or speedily reacting …

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